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BSP Parallel Male Plug Hex + M5 3020

Tecnical Specifications for 30201818
Back "Unit of sale is one unless otherwise stated"   
1/8 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302018180.580.520.460.430.43
1/4 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302028280.570.510.450.420.42
3/8 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302038380.730.650.580.540.54
1/2 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302048481.751.571.401.311.31
3/4 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302068681.871.681.491.401.40
1 BSPP Hex Plug Nick Pld302088881.121.000.890.840.84
M5 Hex Plug Nick Pld3020M5000.700.630.560.520.52
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.