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Dry Air Drop Tee OD R247

  • Protects Your Dropleg Air Line From Water 
  • Speeds up Installation Time
  • Dropleg Now Points Down To Take-Off
  • 1 Compact Tee Fitting, Replaces 4 Fittings
  • Helps Protects Machinery if Dryer Fails 
  • Takes up Less Space
  • No Need For Bulky Swan Neck Tubing
  • Main Air Flow Works In Both Directions
  • Reusable 
  • Professional Finish Every Time

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Tecnical Specifications for R247040020 Normal stock
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40x20x40 Dry Air Drop TeeR247040020£28.17£26.76£26.05£25.35£23.94
40x25x40 Dry Air Drop TeeR247040025£28.17£26.76£26.05£25.35£23.94
50x20x50 Dry Air Drop TeeR247050020£33.74£32.05£31.21£30.36£28.67
50x25x50 Dry Air Drop TeeR247050025£33.74£32.05£31.21£30.36£28.67
50x32x50 Dry Air Drop TeeR247050032£29.33£27.86£27.13£26.39£24.93
50x40x50 Dry Air Drop TeeR247050040£29.33£27.86£27.13£26.39£24.93
63x20x63 Dry Air Drop TeeR247063020£47.12£44.76£43.58£42.40£40.05
63x25x63 Dry Air Drop TeeR247063025£47.12£44.76£43.58£42.40£40.05
63x32x63 Dry Air Drop TeeR247063032£41.11£39.05£38.02£36.99£34.94
63x40x63 Dry Air Drop TeeR247063040£41.11£39.05£38.02£36.99£34.94
63x50x63 Dry Air Drop TeeR247063050£41.11£39.05£38.02£36.99£34.94
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