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Linear Piston Type Vibrator Air - FP Type

Aluminium body is hard coated and is corrosion resistant. The power-to-weight ratio of the unit makes it particularly efficient for feeder applications. Explosion proof, light weight, compact quiet and efficient, these units are ideal for most applications. Easy to install and designed to work continuously under the most arduous conditions. See manufacturer datasheet for detailed product information and specification.
Tecnical Specifications for FP12L Normal stock
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Linear VibratorFP12L121.61109.44109.44109.44
Linear VibratorFP12M115.97104.37104.37104.37
Linear VibratorFP12S107.0696.3596.3596.35
Linear VibratorFP18L146.60131.94131.94131.94
Linear VibratorFP18M139.94125.94125.94125.94
Linear VibratorFP18S129.94116.94116.94116.94
Linear VibratorFP25L184.91166.41166.41166.41
Linear VibratorFP25M168.26151.43151.43151.43
Linear VibratorFP25S153.27137.94137.94137.94
Linear VibratorFP35L236.57212.91212.91212.91
Linear VibratorFP35M214.90193.41193.41193.41
Linear VibratorFP35S194.91175.41175.41175.41
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.