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Ball Type Vibrator Air - K Type

Manufactured with a rustproof extruded aluminium body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates. Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent ingress of dust and water allowing use in dusty or wet environments. Two pairs of fixing holes for vertical or horizontal mounting. See manufacturer datasheet for detailed product information and specification.
Tecnical Specifications for K08 Normal stock
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Ball VibratorK0865.9965.99
Ball VibratorK1070.1670.16
Ball VibratorK1383.9183.91
Ball VibratorK1689.4189.41
Ball VibratorK20112.80112.80
Ball VibratorK25121.06121.06
Ball VibratorK30165.09165.09
Ball VibratorK36181.38181.38
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.