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Metric OD Universal Tubing Sleeve 4 - 28mm OD 360501

Tecnical Specifications for 36050102
Back "Unit of sale is one unless otherwise stated"   
4 OD Tube Sleeve360501020.
5 OD Tube Sleeve360501030.
6 OD Tube Sleeve360501040.
8 OD Tube Sleeve360501050.
10 OD Tube Sleeve360501060.320.310.310.300.300.30
12 OD Tube Sleeve360501070.600.590.580.570.570.56
16 OD Tube Sleeve360501081.
22 OD Tube Sleeve360501102.722.692.632.612.582.55
28 OD Tube Sleeve360501123.853.813.733.693.653.61
18 OD Tube Sleeve370501182.001.981.941.921.901.88
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.