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Metric OD Equal Tee

Tecnical Specifications for 36051402
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4 OD Tee360514024.424.374.
5 OD Tee360514034.874.824.724.674.624.57
6 OD Tee360514043.783.743.663.623.593.55
8 OD Tee360514055.
10 OD Tee360514065.315.
12 OD Tee360514077.547.467.317.237.167.08
16 OD Tee3605140812.5112.3812.1312.0111.8811.75
22 OD Tee3605141028.8628.5727.9927.7027.4127.12
28 OD Tee3605141269.5868.8867.4966.7966.1065.40
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.