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Stem Reducer OD x OD PGJ

Tecnical Specifications for PGJ0604
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6 (A) x 4 (B) OD Red StemPGJ06041.361.
8 (A) x 4 (B) OD Red StemPGJ08041.661.571.531.491.451.41
8 (A) x 6 (B) OD Red StemPGJ08061.661.571.531.491.451.41
10 (A) x 6 (B) OD Red StemPGJ10062.101.991.941.891.831.78
10 (A) x 8 (B) OD Red StemPGJ10082.552.422.352.292.232.16
12 (A) x 6 (B) OD Red StemPGJ12062.
12 (A) x 8 (B) OD Red StemPGJ12082.572.442.372.312.242.18
12 (A) x 10 (B) OD Red StemPGJ12102.602.472.402.342.272.21
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.