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Ringmain OD Aluminium Tubing 15 - 28mm 3 Metre ALRM

Aluminium, Blue Coated.
Tecnical Specifications for ALRM1513
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15 OD AlumiumTube Ringmain 3 MtrALRM151315.4213.8713.8713.8713.87
18 OD AlumiumTube Ringmain 3MtrALRM181623.2920.9620.9620.9620.96
22 OD AlumiumTube Ringmain 3MtrALRM222022.9520.6520.6520.6520.65
28 OD AlumiumTube Ringmain 3MtrALRM282636.8133.1233.1233.1233.12
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.