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Metric OD Tee Union

Tecnical Specifications for M764L0S03
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3 OD Tee S/SM764L0S0316.8315.9815.6514.8114.30
4 OD Tee S/SM764L0S0418.1817.2716.9015.9915.45
6 OD Tee S/SM764L0S0616.7015.8615.5314.6914.19
8 OD Tee S/SM764L0S0819.1718.2117.8216.8716.29
10 OD Tee S/SM764L0S1021.8220.7220.2919.2018.54
12 OD Tee S/SM764L0S1233.2131.5530.8829.2228.22
15 OD Tee S/SM764L0S1535.7433.9533.2331.4530.37
16 OD Tee S/SM764L0S1633.4631.7831.1129.4428.44
20 OD Tee S/SM764L0S2080.3176.2974.6870.6768.26
22 OD Tee S/SM764L0S2285.8281.5279.8175.5272.94
25 OD Tee S/SM764L0S25106.41101.0998.9693.6490.44
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.