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Metric OD Reducing Port Connector

Tecnical Specifications for M767LMS0603
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6 x 3 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS06038.798.358.177.737.47
10 x 6 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS10064.974.724.624.374.22
10 x 8 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS10084.974.724.624.374.22
12 x 6 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS12068.628.188.017.587.32
12 x 8 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS12088.628.188.017.587.32
12 x 10 OD Red Port Con S/SM767LMS12108.628.188.017.587.32
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.