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Metric OD Reducing On Stem End (B)

Tecnical Specifications for M767LTS0806
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8 x OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS08068.027.617.457.056.81
10 x 6 OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS10068.948.498.317.867.59
10 x 8 OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS10088.227.807.647.236.98
12 x 6 OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS120613.3612.6912.4211.7511.35
12 x 8 OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS120813.3212.6512.3811.7211.32
12 x 10 OD Strt Red Tube S/SM767LTS121011.4010.8310.6010.039.69
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.