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Metric OD Plug

Tecnical Specifications for M7121L0S03
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3 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S034.734.494.394.164.02
6OD Plug S/SM7121L0S064.083.873.793.593.46
8OD Plug S/SM7121L0S084.264.043.963.743.62
10OD Plug S/SM7121L0S104.644.404.314.083.94
12OD Plug S/SM7121L0S126.856.506.376.025.82
15 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S159.318.848.658.197.91
16 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S168.628.188.017.587.32
20 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S2015.9015.1014.7813.9913.51
22 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S2217.1316.2715.9315.0714.56
25 OD Plug S/SM7121L0S2522.0020.9020.4619.3618.70
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.