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Metric OD Nut

Tecnical Specifications for M761L0S03
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3 OD Nut S/SM761L0S031.341.
4 OD Nut S/SM761L0S041.431.351.331.251.21
6 OD Nut S/SM761L0S061.431.351.331.251.21
8 OD Nut S/SM761L0S081.881.781.741.651.59
10 OD Nut S/SM761L0S101.991.891.851.751.69
12 OD Nut S/SM761L0S123.
15 OD Nut S/SM761L0S154.994.744.644.394.24
16 OD Nut S/SM761L0S163.853.653.583.383.27
20 OD Nut S/SM761L0S206.045.735.615.315.13
22 OD Nut S/SM761L0S227.036.676.536.185.97
25 OD Nut S/SM761L0S2510.249.729.529.018.70
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.