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Metric OD Elbow Union

Tecnical Specifications for M765L0S03
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3 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S0311.1010.5410.329.769.43
4 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S0411.1010.5410.329.769.43
6 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S0611.8311.2311.0010.4110.05
8 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S0812.4011.7811.5310.9110.54
10 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S1014.4813.7513.4612.7412.30
12 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S1223.8522.6522.1820.9820.27
15 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S1524.4623.2322.7421.5220.79
16 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S1622.6021.4721.0119.8819.21
20 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S2059.8356.8355.6452.6550.85
22 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S2264.5861.3560.0556.8354.89
25 OD Elbow S/SM765L0S2580.5976.5674.9470.9168.50
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.