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Metric OD BulkHead Union

Tecnical Specifications for M774L0S03
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3 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S0315.3714.6014.2913.5213.06
4 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S0416.8315.9815.6514.8114.30
6 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S0612.0311.4211.1810.5810.22
8 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S0813.7513.0612.7812.1011.68
10 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S1020.0519.0418.6417.6417.04
12 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S1225.2023.9423.4322.1721.42
15 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S1535.9934.1933.4731.6730.59
16 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S1633.3231.6530.9829.3228.32
20 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S2063.7260.5359.2656.0754.16
22 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S2276.9173.0671.5267.6865.37
25 OD B/Head S/SM774L0S2581.2177.1575.5271.4669.02
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.