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Metric OD x BSPT Male Elbow

Tecnical Specifications for M769LRS0302T
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3 x 1/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS0302T8.187.777.607.196.95
3 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS0304T8.768.328.147.707.44
4 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS0402T13.2812.6112.3511.6811.28
6 x 1/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS0602T9.318.848.658.197.91
6 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS0604T10.059.549.348.848.54
6 x 1/2R Elbow S/SM769LRS0608T16.0915.2814.9614.1513.67
8 x 1/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS0802T10.059.549.348.848.54
8 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS0804T10.7110.179.969.429.10
8 x 3/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS0806T14.9214.1713.8713.1312.68
8 x 1/2R Elbow S/SM769LRS0808T17.7016.8116.4615.5715.04
10 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS1004T12.4611.8311.5810.9610.59
10 x 3/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS1006T15.0514.2913.9913.2412.79
10 x 1/2R Elbow S/SM769LRS1008T19.2918.3217.9416.9716.39
12 x 1/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS1204T17.7016.8116.4615.5715.04
12 x 3/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS1206T17.7016.8116.4615.5715.04
12 x 1/2R Elbow S/SM769LRS1208T22.0020.9020.4619.3618.70
12 x 3/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS1212T29.0127.5626.9725.5224.65
16 x 3/8R Elbow S/SM769LRS1606T21.3120.2419.8118.7518.11
20 x 1/2R Elbow S/SM769LRS2008T25.0623.8023.3022.0521.30
25 x 3/4R Elbow S/SM769LRS2512T49.6647.1746.1843.7042.21
Technical Specification
Refer to manufacturers above data-sheet for Technical Specification.